Q: Does the Your Reviews app comply with the established current CBBB guidelines for online reviews?

A: Yes. The app is built to provide an easy and simple way to enter reviews for accredited businesses. In fact, once a review is submitted through the app, not only is it treated by the local BBB office as any other review, but the customer does not have to verify their email address like they would have to had they submitted a review through BBB.org.

Q: Can I use any smartphone with your service?

A: The app works on iPhones and Android smartphones. The mobile app is not compatible with Blackberry devices or any phones using a Windows operating system.

Q: Does a customer need to download anything on their mobile device?

A: No. The business/employee of the business downloads the app onto *their* device. The customer simply receives a normal text message.

Can I use my tablet instead of a smartphone?

A: The app is compatible with iPads and Android tablets. The app is not compatible with any tablets using the Windows 8 operating system or any traditional e-readers such as the Kindle, Kindle Fire, or Nook.

Q: Can I download the app on a computer instead of a mobile device?

A: Yes. You can download the app on Windows and Mac computers. The app is available for download on both the Windows Store and the Mac App Store. For download links, please visit www.thereviewsolution.com/downloads.

Q: Where do I download the app?

A: For mobile devices, the Your Reviews app is available for free in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store. Simply search one of these stores for “Your Reviews” and select the install button. You will need either an Apple ID or a Google Play account in order to be able to download the app from either store. If you are using a Mac computer or one running Windows 10, you can download the app from the Mac App Store and the Windows App Store, respectively. Visit www.thereviewsolution.com/downloads for the correct download link for each type of device.

Q: How many devices can we use in our business?

A: The Your Reviews app can be used on as many devices as your business needs. If you want to be able to track review requests by device (or by the employee using the device), we recommend using a unique device key for each different device you want to track. You can assign device keys to different employees within your organization. These device keys will be provided to you once you sign up, and you can access and assign them by logging into your dashboard.

Q: Do my customers need to download the app to leave us a review?

A: No, the Your Reviews app only needs to be downloaded by the business itself. Customers will leave your business a review using their own device by clicking on the link in the review request text you will send them from the app.

Q: What do I need to start using Your Reviews?

A: You must have a compatible mobile device (smartphone or tablet) or computer to use the Your Reviews app, and wireless Internet or cellular data must be available so that you can download the app and send review requests from the app. Additionally, you must have an Apple ID or a Google Play account to download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you download the app, you must enter the device key that will be provided to you once you activate your account.

Q: What are device keys? How and where do I get them?

A: Device keys are required for you to be able to use the app. Device keys tie each instance of your app to your BBB account. Your device keys are presented once you have completed account activation/validation. You will also receive them in an email after you activate your account. You can also access your device keys at any time by logging into your dashboard. We encourage you to print out your device keys for easy referencing. Each device (phone, tablet, or computer) requires a device key; if you want to be able to differentiate between devices that are sending out the review requests, you will need a unique device key per device. Otherwise, you can use the same device key for multiple devices.

Q: How do I sign up/activate my account to start using the reviews app?

A: You will be given the opportunity to sign up through emails that are sent to accredited businesses in your area, so keep an eye out for those emails. Follow the prompts in one of the emails to verify your business information. You can also sign up on www.thereviewsolution.com/downloads.

Q: What is my account login email? Why do I have to create a password when signing up for the app?

A: Your account login email and password are used to log into the dashboard provided with the Your Reviews app. You can view your device keys at any time by logging into your dashboard. You can also assign device keys to different employees (or "users" of the app). Since the dashboard shows all review requests that are being sent by your business, you can also track review requests per employee if you have chosen to assign your device keys per app user. You can view who has sent review requests, who they were sent to, when they were sent (date and time), and if and how the recipient responded to each request. Dashboard information is emailed to you after signup. To log into the dashboard, please visit www.thereviewsolution.com/app.

Q: How does the Your Reviews app work?

A: Once the app has been downloaded and made functional by entering the device key, all you need to input is your customer’s first name and mobile number and hit “send.” This will allow that customer to receive the text asking them to leave you a review. The text will include a link to review your business on your BBB profile.

Q: How long will it take my customers to complete a review?

A: Once your customer receives the text and clicks on the link, they are immediately taken to the BBB customer review form. It should take no more than a minute or so to complete the required fields. The length of the written review is the only variable that could cause the survey to take longer. Once they hit “submit,” the review is sent to your local BBB office for approval and processing.

Q: Do I need technical abilities to incorporate Your Reviews into my business?

A: Very basic technical abilities are needed to get our system up and running. Just connect your device to the Internet, download the app, and enter one of the device keys you will be given after signup. You can start sending review requests using the Your Reviews app that same day.

Q: What happens if I lose my device keys?

A: You should not need to re-enter your device key into the app once you enter it the first time, as long as you keep using that same device and don’t log out or reset your device. You are also given the option to print the device keys for your business once they are presented to you, which is something we highly recommend so that you and anyone else in your company using the app can reference them in the future. If you misplace your device keys or get a new device, you can always log into your dashboard to retrieve your device keys. Additionally, there is a "Forgot Device Key" link on the app that you can use to have your device keys re-emailed to you.

Q: Can I respond to consumer reviews?

A: Any customer has the right to post their review on your business’s Better Business Bureau Business Review. You will be made aware that you have received a review via email and will have 3 days to add a response. You will also have the opportunity to verify the validity of the interaction. Please refer to the BBB’s Customer Review Verification Process than can be found on www.bbb.org/customer-review-verification-process for more information. Keep in mind that any review collected using the Your Reviews app skips the verification step requiring the reviewer to validate their email address.