About Us

Third Coast Interactive is a digital branding agency focused on business-to-business solutions that assist its clients in establishing a consistent digital brand. We are based south of Nashville, in Franklin, Tennessee. While our offices are in this wonderful, historical village, we have provided services globally. our team is located throughout the United States and Asia. With 100+ years of combined experience in app development, customer care, marketing, reputation management and search engine optimization we know a thing or two about customer reviews, digital branding and customer satisfaction.

Our app development focuses entirely on business-to-business solutions. The Review Solution is actually a suite of apps built for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. All of the apps run on just about any platform that allows a business to quickly request a customer review no matter where or when services are provided. A specific FREE app has been built for the Better Business Bureau that empowers accredited businesses to add online customer reviews to their business Profile page. Customer reviews are posted by real customers who have had firsthand experience with the business.

Customer reviews may be the single most influential digital tool businesses have to drive new business, promote the integrity of their business and communicate to potential employees the commitment to the Better Business Bureau Standards of Trust. The biggest challenge facing many business owners is how to request and secure reviews. We know that businesses have many satisfied customers or they would simply go out of business. We believe that, given a simple, intelligent solution most businesses will integrate requesting review into their every day business. No fake reviews, no competitors, and no former employees. Just real reviews, from real customers, made real easy.